Photo block. Not blog. Block.

Well, it has been some time until the last entry.

Need to do this more often and now I have scheduled a fix day in my calendar to do more entries here.

At the moment I am facing a photo block. Correct, like others facing a write block.

I have read a few articles about this and now I am sure

  • that this is not a permanent issue
  • this is not a unique fate that I am facing
  • how I can fix this and that I did the right thing. Just holding on for a time.

It started with feeling not in the mood of taking pictures. Then the weather “felt” wrong. Then other things were assumed to be more important, which later came out that this was just some crappy form of procrastination.

But I am over this now, I think. Wanna go out and take pictures again. Even better than before and with some nice ideas for a series of pictures. Lets see, what comes out. I feel excited again.

Gonna post some of the sesults in my next entry.

By the way. Today is international cat day.


Bye by e, until in a few days.



Coming back to my blog.

Hi, I am back. With me feeling a little bit better.

Times were quite hard the last months so I concentrated on myself and a lot on what and how I want to be and where I want to be in a year or more in the future. Change and chance are quite near to each other. Chance you must lead and push. Chance you must earn and follow like a hunting dog. So I will do. Hard. Persisting. Strict. But with the fun, people experience with me or around me.

Last blog entry I read and was instantly reminded about the feelings of pain and hopelessness.

Now things have changed. I will challenge and achieve better and harder than ever.

BTW: Healing can be achieved in different ways. Meeting friends. Taking pictures. Or just finding your inner balance as fast as possible. Never let someone make you feel bad. Fight back. Now or later. They come as they go. But if necessary: Hit back. And hit hard. You got only one hit. And this one must fit.


The rest is present time and future hope. I wish all of you that much conciousness of present and that strong hope for a better future that I gradually experience.

Life is good. Will go on. And will be good. It only lies in the eye of the beholder.




Just a few lines….

Sadness. Pain. Hopelessness. All these words I thought I could bring together with a situation in my life so far.

What happended the last days was the biggest loss ever since I lost my Mum. My Dad was a father, a buddy and a reliable value in my life and I will keep him in my memory as the strong person and endlessly loving person I was blessed to know him.

#SemperFi Dad. Rest In Peace.

Good night.


My subsitute for TV evenings

There is always time for a good talk and there must be always time for thinking about it after a while.

In some talks with friends the other day we got to the topic of our TV consumer characteristics. This was really funny. A lot of difference and a lot of different people. It seemed to me like TV had lost a lot of importance for people of my age and that the folks older than I am are more finding their fun and entertainment in sitting in front of the television set. Talk was flying around advertising and music and how all was done earlier in the dark age of “before-the-web” and even “before-the-computer”. When I was asked about things going on in my house I had to admit 2 things:

• I am completely addict to TV

• I am not sitting at the TV over the last months, but a lot in front of the computer.

The first question was: Where is the difference ? Actually: I could not answer it in this moment. Felt too much different and the same at the same moment.

Later on, after coming home and starting the computer after dinner I thought it over again. And the simple answer was, that it is not about any difference. It is a cultural thing and has to do with goals and experience in your life. My goal at the moment is, for me privately spoken a simple one: improvement, growth, happyness (mainly) and being entertained by entertaining. If this leads to an extra income or more contact via Twitter @olibrecht or being found by friends or other people on Facebook oliverbrechtschorndorf : it shall be. But what I do NOT want at the moment: Sitting just on the sofa and not using the abiltites that I have for development of myself in any way. People might argue now: This can be a disadvantage, if one sees what you are doing on the web. Well, if its not useful I will not do it. I am quite well able to keep a high level of quality and a big focus on proper placed content. This of course at the moment is mainly self-produced. So I can guarantee best control over what is done, and what is not done. If then anyone is not ok with it: give it a go. They might contact me and things can be sorted out or explained or they stay quiet and I am fine with it. But not showing is “not doing” and fate will not knock on your door for doing nothing. So I do the max that I can in any perspective in my life with the max number of social contacts and points of “touch” so at least the probability to succeed in one or the other way is at highest level in relation to the effort made. And in the end: It is entertaining, improves my general and specific knowledge and improves my way of handling text content and the english language apart ftrom daily phone calls or 140 signs of daily mutliple tweets. First result: I am self-made top 10% of active Twitter users and still growing and improving. I learn by reading tutorials and exchanging knowledge with people around the globe. Short said: Social Media. The rest is the commercial impact of it at some time. And as long as no one proves me wrong I am convinced that this is only a matter of time. And what I learned most out of the success and even the throw-back situation in the last 2 years: All that counts to get forward is PERSISTENCE and the will to fight and work harder than others for your goals.

I hope you like this text and invite you to become part of one of my platforms. Just click me. I like it.

Writing things like this and all the other things are my substitute for TV evenings. Now I will watch some Youtube videos on the PS3. ❤ Maybe yours as well…..

Kindest regards.


P.S.: Here a picture of this evening. I could not resist to capture my hometown`s wonderful environment tonight. Enjoy.


Thoughts about following

Tonight I was on the phone when sorting out all the SocMed things on and .

I was checking if everything was right with the new followers, if any new mails had come in and made next sketches about things to be set up to be content in the near future. This is a great hobby. And a lot of people follow the things I do. They like and follow. Nice. Thank you for this.

I am 42 years old. I have friends in real life. Real  life is a social network around us.

I have no followers in real life. Actually, when this sentence came to my head, I was starting to #evaluate if this was good or bad. After a few minutes it was clear to me: Followers are just people on my timeline. They are not following me like on the motorway. We are all on the same road next to each other. #Followers are not waiting for my content. They are not hearing what I say. Not, unless my content finds attention in this very abstract online #community of modern #SocMed platforms. So there is not a oneway road of getting more attention and placing content with higher appreciation. It is the optimum mix of the best content quality and the correct quantiy of direct interaction with the individuals that are sharing their co-existence with me on the platforms.

I immediately learned a lot. But the biggest #learning was, that improvement is not only made by #statistics, but mainly driven by self-reflection and comparison with successful examples. The intellectual work is pure adaptation of the observed facts and implementation into the #future workflow. Either in the hobby or in a job or profession. After this lecture and learning I am sure to take care about always better content andf always more online AND offline interaction. This is the fuel that will keep my fire burning, will keep my engine running on the Social #Media Highway.

Tomorrow is #photo shooting in a zoo shop. Part 2. Time to show that I have made my homework in self oberservation.

Now I gotta go to bed. Good night.

Kindest regards.

Oliver Brecht


Back on the W-Platform. Lets restart this . I was lazy.

After some days, to be honest after a long time I come back here.

I have read a lot about SocMed, built up my Twitter @olibrecht and managed to get things in the house sorted and nice.

Networks are working together more fluently now after implementing a personal worklflow to get things organized better. I am a one man show. Already looking for promo opportunities on one of the platforms. I am convinced that puuting enough patience and effort into this, will bring a result sooner or later. Better sooner, please.

Photographs are getting nicer and nicer and even the trip to Hamburg brought, despite bad weather, wonderful captures of the beautiful city.

Now after coming back, I enjoy the beginning of springtime and I am highly motivated to get things further sorted. Next weekend will be another meeting with the guys of the pet shop for even more great pictures. Sunday I will go to a football event wioth the boy.

And I am awaiting end of March. But this is another story, hopefully to be told in a few weeks.

Please share as a link or forward to your followers, so more people can watch my pics. They are lovely.

Twitter: @olibrecht

Thank you. ❤

Best regards.

Oliver Brecht

Goals. Following means not always following but changing the direction !

So tonight, when goals are to be achieved in a football match between Germany and Ireland I use the time for a quick article here on WP.

I was at an exhibition last weekend and brought home a lot of pictures from the artworks, some friends presentes in Plüderhausen in a former farmers house. It was great to show the following Twitter users those pictures, Great artworks, mostly scultures and carved wood/clay combinations but also photos ands paintings.

This is a change of direction for me. A natural one. Because in winter I will do more indoor stuff, so exhibition promotion is a great start. I love it and I wonder where this all leads me. When will I get my chance…? Don`t know. Meanwhile I will continue under Twitter @olibrecht and make my thing, learning more aboutb people, their work and how they do things successful. Fun is the source and the driving force of all of it. I have fun.

Here some pictures from the exhibition also visible on Twitter @olibrecht and FB


02 03 05 06 08 09 11 12


Good night. ❤


Spreading the word…and the rest !